About Us

Bactest® is a Cambridge, UK based company that has developed a technology platform, CYTOMAIA®, a microbial respirometer that can be used to detect and monitor microbial activity in liquid and macerated solids. In October 2012 Bactest® announced its first product, Speedy Breedy®, a portable microbial respirometer that is used to incubate and enumerate bacteria, detecting and measuring biological activity and contamination in potable water, beer, food and beverage, paint, oil and many other applications. Speedy Breedy® is protected by 4 patents.

Shepherd, Bactest’s second product, was launched on March 5th 2015. Shepherd is an Activated Sludge Monitoring and Management System that gives plant operators, process scientists and management accurate and timely information, enabling them to better manage aeration, cut energy costs and decrease the plant’s carbon footprint.

Bactest® is a venture backed company whose cornerstone investor is the Low Carbon Innovation Fund. In 2014 Bactest was voted SME of the year while in 2015 Bactest® was a Shell Springboard finalist and prize-winner.