Key Markets

Speedy Breedy® is a valuable tool for monitoring and managing microbial activity in a variety of industries, including potable water, food and beverage, brewing, paint and a host of manufacturing processes. Essentially anything could get contaminated!

Failed batches are very expensive for the manufacturer, while product recalls damage brands, and are also very expensive – sometimes running into hundreds of thousands of Pounds or Dollars.

Speedy Breedy® generates benefits for its users in several ways:

As a screening tool for contamination
As a quick “look see” in an operational capacity where sending samples to a laboratory in parallel is mandatory
As a risk assessment system for contamination in production lines, such as paint or paper, so remedial action can be taken days before results are received from the laboratory
As a fast test for finished goods, Speedy Breedy® can be 4 to 5 days faster than waiting for results to come back from a laboratory

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