Food & Drink

Food quality is an enormous issue for the food and beverage industry. Contamination testing is not only vital in ensuring food does not contain pathogens before it's shipped, but is also crucial in ensuring food is not contaminated to preserve flavour, look and consistency - particularly where there is a brand expectation from customers.

Requirements for microbial testing vary from one product to another and may include bacteria, mould and yeast.

Traditional methods for microbial testing involve taking samples and sending them to a laboratory, then waiting for the results. This may take up to ten days, during which time the product cannot be released, essentially taking up valuable warehouse space – but more importantly the product cannot be invoiced until it's shipped.

Some customers have reported that reports received from testing laboratories are not informative enough to help them solve contamination problems. Recent FDA research has also shown that lab results analysed over a 14 year period in the USA reported between 5% to 20% false negatives.

To alleviate these challenges, Bactest® has introduced Speedy Breedy® - an instrument nagates the need to send samples to an external laboratory. Using Speedy Breedy® samples can be tested at the point of collection. Speedy Breedy® does not require specialist staff to take samples or interpret results, usually cutting down the time to identify contamination by 75%. Tests on ice cream have shown that Speedy Breedy® is effective in finding contamination in 10 hours compared with 10 days waiting for results to come back from an external laboratory.

Speedy Breedy® is an effective screening device, as time to detection correlates with degree of contamination. Speedy Breedy® can be programmed by users with a detection time that equates to a known contamination level which represents an acceptable cut-off point or "safe screen" period, enabling users to take action before the test has been completed. In addition to being more efficient than conventional laboratory techniques, (Speedy Breedy® can identify the presence of just one E. coli cfu in 10 hours), Speedy Breedy® results uploaded to a PC provide a complete digital audit trail of tests run.

Validated by Campden BRI (the UK's largest F&B research organisation) Speedy Breedy® comes with a growing family of helpful user guides for specific types of food and beverage, including ice cream, beer, meat, milk and more.

So whether it's raw ingredients, swabs or finished goods, Speedy Breedy® is a fast money saving alternative to sending samples to a laboratory for testing.


Speedy Breedy® wins the Indonisian Ministry of Health tender for Food & Drink Safety Testing