Microbial contamination is a common problem in many manufactured products and can come from several sources associated within the manufacturing process, such as contaminated raw materials, process water, process operatives as well as ineffective or incorrect cleaning and hygiene procedures. Correct formulation and dosing of preservatives and biocides in the final product can also affect the presentation and shelf life of many products.

Typical examples of products where microbial contamination is problematic are paints and industrial oils. Water-based paint in particular is vulnerable to bacterial contamination due to its organic components on which bacteria can feed and grow, while industrial oils routinely grow microbes – destroying the efficacy of the oil – despite the presence of biocides.

The economic implications of spoilt batches may be very high, necessitating an efficient contamination detection device to provide early contamination warning. Speedy Breedy® fulfils this requirement; it is a portable microbial respirometer which can reliably and rapidly detect the presence of a wide range of contaminating bacteria in a sample, or detect the presence of particular organisms through use of selective media and protocols. Speedy Breedy® is able to detect contamination before, during and after manufacturing, as well as monitoring hygiene within the plant and the manufacturing process – efficiently and on-site.

Speedy Breedy® can be used for contamination testing of raw materials to prevent contamination at source.  It can also be used to monitor the manufacturing process by measuring the bacterial load at critical control points, such as before and after key procedures, components, or after the addition of biocides to the final product.

Speedy Breedy® can also be used in product formulation when selecting the optimal biocide or preservative for a given product. Correct biocide and preservative selection is essential in preventing contamination and product quality, as not all biocides are effective at preventing bacterial contamination, while others negatively effects the final product. The effectiveness of different biocides and their appropriate concentrations can be rapidly tested using Speedy Breedy®. As two tests can be run simultaneously in Speedy Breedy, the user can test a control sample in one culture chamber while running a biocide effectiveness test in the other chamber.  The results from both chambers can then be visualised on the software allowing, for a quick and direct comparison.

The effectiveness of process controls, hygiene, decontamination procedures and biocides can also be monitored during the manufacturing process, with Speedy Breedy® able to be used directly on the factory floor without the associated cost and time implications of off-site laboratory testing.

Common contaminating microorganisms in industrial processes include Pseudomonas, Coliforms, E. coli and Enterococci which Speedy Breedy® can detect selectively. Culture vessels with specific media and recommended protocols are available, which enables Speedy Breedy® to test for the presence of particular organisms in only a few hours. It is thus a great device for early, rapid detection of problematic or costly contaminants.

Speedy Breedy® is the ideal rapid, portable test equipment for bacterial contamination in most industrial applications, reducing the cost and incidence of paint product recall due to bacterial contamination.