Drinking water quality is a cornerstone topic within the water industry, and is highly regulated. There are many places, critical control points, within the network where contamination could occur. Faecal contamination could be introduced through proximity and run off relating to agriculture, while cracks in underground reservoirs have the potential to allow animal faeces to enter. Wells and bore holes also have the potential to become contaminated.

To measure the effectiveness of remedial action after a failure in the water supply, water samples must be sent to a laboratory for testing. However, sometimes utility companies have to weigh up the operational risk of reconnection against customer inconvenience and resulting brand damage. This can be particularly costly where a "Boil Water Advisory Notice" has to be implemented.

Traditional methods for microbial testing involve taking samples and sending them to a laboratory, then waiting for the results. This can be a lengthy process. Starting a test immediately on site, using Speedy Breedy® as a highly sensitive rapid screen in parallel with sending samples to a laboratory provides water companies with an early indication on contamination and the status of decontamination processes. Speedy Breedy® is especially useful where a positive result is detected, as remedial action can be taken considerably earlier, before results come back from the external laboratory, resulting in quicker turnaround of disinfection.

Speedy Breedy® also provides large savings in the management of slow sand filters through a reduction of down-time by a day each time a filter is cleaned. The savings can add up to millions of Pounds per annum.

Speedy Breedy® can also be used as a rapid contamination screening device, as time to detection correlates with degree of contamination. Speedy Breedy® can be programmed by users with a detection time that equates to a known contamination level, which represents an acceptable cut-off point ("safe screen"), allowing the user to take action before the test is complete.

In addition to being faster and more sensitive than conventional laboratory techniques, (Speedy Breedy® can identify the presence of a single E. coli cfu in 10 hours), Speedy Breedy® results uploaded to a PC provides a complete digital audit trail for problematic water networks, sand filters and reservoirs.