Due to the fact that Speedy Breedy® turns microbial activity into data while Speedy Breedy® is connected to a PC, the experiment can be visualised in near real time.

Speedy Breedy® is supplied with a wide range of protocols that are designed to search for a "significant event," which is when the pressure change in the headspace of the culture vessel is large enough to represent microbial activity inside the culture chamber.

Speedy Breedy's® Windows® compatible software is intuitive and easy to use, enabling customers to design their own protocols and download them to the Speedy Breedy® unit. Protocols enable the user to set the incubation temperature (between 3°C below ambient and 44°C), vary the time pressure readings are taken and the speed at which the mixing paddles rotate inside the culture vessel.

Experimental data can be uploaded from Speedy Breedy's® SD card to the PC for archiving and further analysis.