Microbiological tests

At the heart of any Speedy Breedy® test are the culture vessels within which microbial growth and detection will take place.

Speedy Breedy® culture vessels are pre-filled with a selective culture medium of choice, provided as a dehydrated, encapsulated medium. As the sample is applied, the medium rapidly and evenly dissolves, aided by Speedy Breedy’s® patented mixing system.

Sealed, safe and easy to inoculate, these culture vessels are Speedy Breedy’s® equivalent of an agar plate, and like agar plates, there are different types of culture vessels for different applications.

Culture vessels are available which contain general media to support the growth of a broad spectrum of organisms, differential media containing pH indicators as well as selective media containing antibiotics and other compounds to selectively permit the growth of target organisms and inhibit the growth of others.

Note that for those customers interested in preparing their own culture media or testing in the absence of a culture medium where the sample itself offers a source of nutrients to the replicating bacteria, sterile, empty culture vessels can be purchased.

It is important that in these situations, appropriate protocols and standard operating procedures are followed for the preparation of sterile culture media and the aseptic filling of the empty culture vessels.