• What does a slop bucket in your kitchen reveal?

    Tessa Cunningham, journalist at the Daily Mail carried out a scientific test to see if it can possibly be hygienic to keep rotting waste in the kitchen, just a few feet from where fresh food is prepared.

  • Award-Winning Biotech Firm Scents Global Opportunity - Forbes Feature on Speedy Breedy

    So what does it take to turn IP into viable product?

  • Speedy Breedy Wins BlueTech® Research Innovation Award within the Water Industry

    In acknowledgement of its novel, innovative water technology, Bactest has been awarded the Innovation Tracker Badge by BlueTech® Research. Recognition for this award highlights the advanced nature of Speedy Breedy within the water industry.

  • New Features for Speedy Breedy enable Monitoring for Ballast Water Contamination

    The new upgrade for Speedy Breedy enables it to test for contamination in Ballast Water in accordance with the Ballast Water Treatment Performance Standard (D2) as set out by the International Maritime Organisation (IMO). Read Press Release

  • Speedy Breedy Rewards Individuals with a £250 Payment!

    If you know someone in your network who could purchase Speedy Breedy, simply register here!

  • Mauds Ice Creams Winner of Speedy Breedy

    Ruth Pickering from Mauds Ice Creams was the lucky winner of Speedy Breedy at the Ice Cream Alliance Expo in Harrogate. Click here to read more...

  • New Speedy Breedy product for the Brewing Industry!

    Bactest has developed a special culture vessel populated with a media product that will enable breweries to identify the presence of wild yeasts in beer days faster than current methods. Read the Press Release Here

  • Read the phenomenal story of Pastures Moo and Speedy Breedy

    Click here to read the Case Study

  • ABS is the Winner of Speedy Breedy at the Ballast Water Management Technology Conference

  • Turning Microbial Activity into Data…Fast!

    A compact, portable, precision respirometer and microbial activity detector

  • Turning Microbial Activity into Data…Fast!

    Assessment of Speedy Breedy's suitability as a rapid detection tool for microbial brewing contaminants has been proven. Read full report by Campden BRI here

  • Open Innovation Award

    Speedy Breedy wins the Open Innovation Forum on Food and Drink sponsored by the Institute of Manufacturing at the University of Cambridge.

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